Much of what science teachers are obliged to cover in the classroom is determined by educational specialists (educationalists)—people with little or no understanding of science themselves. The result of their uninformed meddlings are frustrated teachers and disinterested students. Little wonder the New York Times recently reported that nearly 90 percent of high school graduates have no interest in pursuing a career in science. Given the serious problems facing our planet, this could not be happening at a worse time: scientific literacy has never been more important.

 Saving Science Class, written by Chris McGowan, a scientist who was a university professor and former high school teacher, documents what is wrong with school science and how this can be rectified. Returning real science to the classroom and having youngsters learn through hands-on practical experiences will engage them in the subject. And these activities can be conducted using everyday items—expensive equipment is not a prerequisite for experimenting in the classroom. This book is a treasure trove for practical ideas.


                                               On sale date February 14 2017

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