Dinosaur: Digging Up A Giant

“Using simple language, McGowan explains each step, from unearthing the first bone to the detailed documentation and preservation of the find...McGowan shares interesting facts about a number of dinosaurs.... He is very successful at simplifying the information presented in the book so that youngsters will understand its basic concepts.” Gail Hamilton, CM Magazine.

Dinosaurs, Spitfires & Sea Dragons

 “McGowan, world’s leading expert on ichthyosaurs, and a fine writer    as well, tells their wonderful story better than ever before.”          Stephen Jay Gould.

In The Beginning

In this lively and controversial book, Chris McGowan meets the creationists head on and systematically demolishes their arguments. For the layperson who may be bewildered by the creationist's misinterpretation...of the facts, McGowan provides an easy-to-follow explanation of evolution.... While attacking the creationist's point of view with no holds barred, In the Beginning also offers a readable and well-illustrated introduction to evolution science.  Goodreads.

Discover Dinosaurs

​​How fast could dinosaurs run and how do paleontologists know? Discover Dinosaurs...will answer these and other questions.... Dr. McGowan's writing is clear, logically organized and accessible to the target audience... Each of the more than thirty topics includes an experiment or activity to illustrate the concept and further children's under­standing. Activities range from walking as a quadruped to building a model pterosaur. It is these activities, the clear writing and the breadth of topics covered that make this book stand out among the dinosaur books available today. Pat Steenbergen, CM Magazine.  


“Abacus is a middle-grade novel that whisks readers along with AP, the 12-year-old protagonist and science geek, who travels through time with Kate, his oh-so-bored 15-year-old sister. Their journeys to Arthurian England, the Wild West, and Ancient Egypt, get them into some very tight spots, but AP uses his broad knowledge of science to help them escape. And stalking them on every trip is a hooded stranger whose attacks show he'll do anything to stop them. Besides being a fast-paced and engaging novel, the story has...easy to follow instructions at the back of the book for repeating AP's experiments.” Goodreads.

Diatoms To Dinosaurs

“Chris McGowan...melds together many facets of evolutionary biology to explain the complex interrelationship between animal body size and survival. In an extremely accessible and anecdotal style reminiscent of Stephen Jay Gould, McGowan explores the effective relationship between, on the one hand, animal body size and, on the other, metabolism, strength, and life expectancy throughout evolutionary history.... I highly recommend this excellent book. Robert R.J. Grispino, Science Books and Films.

 Handbook Of Paleoherpetology: Ichthyopterygia

“For those who work in marine reptiles, this volume represents a long awaited up-to-date review and McGowan and Motani are two of world’s leading authorities to carry out this task...This is an excellent book in which the reader will find much more information than could be expected from a handbook. I recommend it to any specialist working on Mesozoic marine reptiles as well as to anyone teaching vertebrate palaeontology.” Marta Fernández, Geologica Acta.

The Dragon Seekers

“Against the backdrop of the Industrial Revolution, an extraordinary circle of fossilists struggled to make sense of a mysterious, prehistoric world... In this transporting, seamlessly written book, Christopher McGowan takes us back to a time when geology and paleontology were as young and vibrant as genetic engineering is today….The Dragon Seekers shows how these remarkable characters forever changed our interpretation of the world and its inhabitants.” Goodreads.      

The Raptor And The Lamb

McGowan...gives us a splendid, close-up look at predator-prey relationships among living things...from reptiles and raptors to scorpions and dinosaurs.... He fills his book with fascinating tidbits, pointing out, for instance, that a Komodo dragon consumes three to four times its body weight in a year, while a lioness needs 20 times its weight. This is a remarkable account of interdependence in nature. Publishers Weekly.

A Practical Guide to Vertebrate Mechanics

“Remembering that this recent tome is geared towards university level training, he remarks in the opening section that science should be fun and supplemented with hands-on practicums. And to this end, McGowan has certainly succeeded.” The Canadian Field-Naturalist

Rail, Steam, and Speed

You don't have to be a railroad fanatic to find this book fascinating.... As each entrant is introduced we get some fascinating background on the people involved...the story of the (locomotive) trials themselves is delightful and readable.” 

Brian Clegg, PopularSciece.  

T-Rex To Go

“I have worked in local schools promoting science education in new and unusual ways, and this book was exceptionally useful; providing ideas for activities, and examples that were easily understandable for children... Chris McGowan has a delightful writing style that is easy to read. As ever, topics include illustrative examples from modern animal life and also engineering principles, making the study of prehistoric life both interesting and relevant.  Sarah Earland, Teacher.


“Extremely interesting introduction to paleontology as a science. Here are some of the things young readers will LEARN about: what fossils are and when they were first discovered, what time the dinosaurs lived in, which dinosaur was the biggest, whether they are really extinct... Also they can TRY to: walk like a dinosaur, make their own dinosaur bone, fake a fossil footprint, make their own geological time scale.” Kreativni centar.

Make Your Own Dinosaur Out Of Chicken Bones

“Just take the bones of three chickens, a length of wire…and a few other household items, et voilà—there looms a realistic skeletal model of an Apatosaurus, not to mention lessons in anatomy and evolution revealing how birds are descended from dinosaurs.” Publishers Weekly.

Dinosaur Discovery​​

“In-depth facts about 13 dinosaurs are interspersed with.... activities and experiments.... By following the well-written directions…budding paleontologists will explore how a tail affects balance, discover binocular vision and learn how the two parts of a bone make them both stiff and elastic. A thinking, active alternative for readers.   Kirkus Review.